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 Mulhangol Traditional Soybean Paste (Doenjang) 이미지

Mulhangol Traditional Soybean Paste (Doenjang)

  • Explanation

    Mulhangol Traditional Soybean Paste is made with clean air and water from Samdo Peak (known as a clean area) and natural aquifer of Mulhan Valley, which is mixed with the best Korean beans. Then it is dry-aged in clay room heating the room. The content is naturally aged in pots made of pure clay. Therefore it is a purely natural soybean paste/fast-fermented bean paste without adding any additives

Yeongdong Wine 이미지

Yeongdong Wine

  • Explanation

    Chateau Manny is a wine that contains healthy minerals after naturally fermenting Yeongdong grapes without putting any additives.

    To brew the best wine, educational-industrial complex was established and selected Yeongdong grapes as raw material. Besides, the best brewing facility in South Korea was built to produce the best quality wine after the application of traditional European wine making technique.

    Research center is regularly inspected. Wine is aged in oak casks, and stored in caves for years as a way of improving wine quality.

 Yeongdong Dried Persimmon (Yeongdong Gotgam) 이미지

Yeongdong Dried Persimmon (Yeongdong Gotgam)

  • Explanation

    Yeongdong dried persimmon is naturally grown product without using any pesticide. Those persimmons from clean mountainous area in Sobaek Mount where there is a significant temperature difference between day and night are dried in drying facility. For that reason, this high-quality persimmon has high sugar content with light and delicate color.

    Yeongdong dried persimmon is an alkaline food that contains protein, fat, fat, glucose, fiber, ash, calcium, potassium lead, vitamin A, thiamine, ascorbic acid, etc., and therefore is a favorite pastime snack as persimmon punch (Sujeonggwa), rice cake, tea, wraps with walnut, wraps with pine nut, etc.

Yeongdong Grape 이미지

Yeongdong Grape

  • Explanation

    Yeongdong in Chungbuk Province is located near Chupungryeong of Sobaek Mountain, where the temperature differential is significant, which is ideal to produce grapes with high sugar content and good flavor.

    It is the largest grape farm in South korea with the growing area of 2,218ha, 3,969 farming houses, and the production amount of 33,769 ton (12.7% of all production in Korea, 76.1% of Chungbuk Province). Every single graph is wrapped with a bag to protect it from contamination.

    Growing rye reinforces ground strength, such that it helps growing grapes. Also, grapes and manufactured with traditional handicraft to produce juice, canned grape, wine, grape vinegar, etc.

    Cooperative checks sugar contents with saccharometer on its own before shipping out the products.

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