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Changso Chives 이미지

Changso Chives

  • Explanation

    Yesan Chives are Yesan’s specialty, which are used as essential ingredient for seasoning. It has spicy and unique taste. Topography of Yesan is advantageous to have a lot of sunshine, and also soil composition is fit for growing chives. For this reason, chives leaves are straight and strong and its white root is strong, resilient and glossy. So it is considered as the best chives in Korea.

    Chives are a perennial herb, a kind of llilies. It was originated from China and Greece, and was introduced to Korea about 1,500 years ago from China. It is also called as Dangpa or Jacheongpa. It grows from fall to spring, and goes into dormant by making a bulb in summer. It contains raw flour that causes a unique flavor. It is known to be good to those with cervical discharge, and also those with cold.

Hangwa (Korea Traditional Sweets) 이미지

Hangwa (Korea Traditional Sweets)

  • Explanation

    Hangwa is also called as Gwajul, a traditional Korean sweet. It is made with agricultural products produced in Korea, including sticky rice, nonglutinous rice, sesame and perilla seeds.

    In particular, Sapdari traditional Hangwa is made of high-quality sticky rice produced in Yedang Plain, and is well known product in Korea, and mostly purchased as present. It is also sold in shops, internet online, mail order, and sales through parcel delivery system, sales from post office network, etc.

    Compared with Yanggwa (foreign sweets), it is called Hangwa implying that it is originated from our own culture. Manufactured with our own traditional manufacturing method, Hangwa is made of grains and fruits as main ingredients. If it goes through fermentation process, it is called traditional Yugwa. If it is made with grain seeds, it is called Gangjeong. If it is made with fruits or roots, it is called Jeonggwa. There are about ten types of products, which is subdivided into more than 1,000 types. With thousand years of history, it is still popular with a variety of products.

 Yesan Apple 이미지

Yesan Apple

  • Explanation

    Yesan Apple is leading apple brand in South Korea for the last 80 years, since the first apple farm was open by a Japanese in Daecheonli, Godeokmyeon of Yesangun in 1923. It grew as our national brand as it continued to produce quality products through Korean history.

    Since first producing apples in 1923, it was selected for economic purpose by Department of Landscape in Sapgyoeup office in 1924. 36 farmers established Gyeongnam Fruit Cooperative in 1941, and started to produce Yesan applies. Mainly they produced Jonathan apples and Ralls Genet. In 1960’s, under the guidance of Mr. Jonggeon YI, the principal of Yesan Agricultural High School and Mr. Yonggeon YUN, gardening teacher initiated growing apple, which was the start of Yesan Apple.
    Although the production rate is only 4.1% of all in Korea and ranked in 5th in cities/province, and 49% of production in Chungnam province, it is proud of producing the best apple in the world. 

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