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Dong-Eui Korean Herb Cucumber 이미지

Dong-Eui Korean Herb Cucumber

  • Explanation

    Using fermented compost and clean water from this clearzone, it was grown with advanced technology to have bright color and outstanding flavor.

    (Dong-Eui Korean Herb Cucumber is grown by fermenting original herbs such as ginseng, licorice, etc., and acquired quality certification of using low-amount of pesticide.)

  • Details
Gongju Chestnut 이미지

Gongju Chestnut

  • Explanation

    Gongju Chestnut is grown in clean environment of Mount Charyeong and Geryong Mountain area, where it is famous for clean air, water, fertile land and organic compost. Therefore, it is known for high sugar content and outstanding taste, such that this specialty was offered to the King in Choseon Dynasty. They were picked only when they are dropped naturally, not forcibly, so that they have better taste and are easy to store for long term.

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