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Sedong Lettuce 이미지

Sedong Lettuce

  • Explanation

    Yuseong Sedong Lettuce is the best lettuce produced from fertile land and mild climate, producing 2,160 ton annually in greenhouse and hydroponics mode. Lettuce has rich vitamin A,B,C and iron, and is loved as organic food that enriches the taste of meat. 

Jeongsaengdong Pigweed 이미지

Jeongsaengdong Pigweed

  • Explanation

    It is located at the back of Daejeon Zoo near Bomun Mountain at southwest of Daejeon. It is a clean mountainous area. At present, it aims to acquire environment-friendly certification with the support from Chungcheong Branch of National Quality Control. Our cooperative is making a continuous effort in researching to produce the best quality products (pigweed), and also to satisfy customer’s needs.

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